Welcome to our Blog. Here we do your homework for you! We sort through the media to locate and post, quartley updates on new hospitality industry pet practices and pet travel trends. This information is completely complimentary, it is our intent to give you a short cut to current hotel pet travel news. (Because we know that you are very very busy.) This information can help boost your current hotel pet practices, policies and fees or to assist you in making the decision of your property becoming “Pet Friendly”. So print away!

It is our goal to become your pet friendly ‘go to’ company.

The Pet on Vacation Team.

Driving Miss Daisy Dog: Washington firm launches limousine service for pets

Washington Post By Fredrick Kunkle April 16 People do the fetching for dogs at a new limousine company in Washington, D.C. And, no, it’s not called Z00ber. Paul Ozner and his partners, picking up on the craze for ride-hailing services, have created Rapid Paws as an on-demand limousine service for animals. Long-distance transport services for pets have [...]

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Pets on trains a hit for Amtrak and riders. “they saw how much new ridership they could get not just in the Northeast Corridor but across the country.”

  After the success of a 2014 pilot program in Illinois and a much larger pilot along the Northeast Corridor this past fall and winter, Amtrak announced in February that its pet program on the Northeast Regional and Downeaster routes. Jarrad Henderson, USA TODAY Last month, Ted Moche, an anesthesiologist, traveled for business from his home [...]

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51% of pet parents take their pets with them when they travel.(Study by AAA and Best Western International)

Sizzling Stats: Pet Industry Trends from

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Americans refused to scrimp on their pets, with animal lovers spending upwards of $53 billion

LOS ANGELES — The economy may have remained sluggish last year but Americans refused to scrimp on their pets, with animal lovers spending upwards of $53 billion on food, veterinary care, kennels and other services in 2012. That’s up 5 percent from 2011, when spending first broke the $50 billion barrier, says the American Pet [...]

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84% of people travelling with pets compared accommodations’ pet amenities

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Pet treats hit 2013 travel trend list

From the local-on-arrival revolution to concierge apps and spa pampering for guys, Mr & Mrs Smith predicts 10 of the top boutique hotel and luxury travel trends to look out for in 2013. 1: Hyper-local experiences: rediscovering inner-city ‘villages’ Last year, we reported on the rise of international experience seekers, from Bali to Thailand, using boutique hotel [...]

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Cruise ship firm welcomes their sailing guests with pets

Can you take your pets on a cruise? Absolutely. More and more vacationers are forgetting about the boarding kennels and taking their pets on vacation with them. A major cruiseline knows travelers love their pets. Why not accommodate them? As long as they have the necessary papers for international travel, they are welcome aboard. The Pet Friendly [...]

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UK firm announces new tours for guests with pets

In response to a growing demand from people wanting to take their pets on holiday, Tucan Travel has launched a range of pet tours. As of April 1st 2013, travellers can take their pets to all of the destinations where Tucan Travel operate – South and Central America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. [...]

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Connect your brand to activities customers do with their pets

This article is by Rebecca Armstrong, co-founder, principal and managing director, NORTH. Pets are serious business. A recent American Pet Products Association report revealed that spending on pets hit a record $53 billion in 2012–a three-fold increase since 1994. Will we break another record this year? Probably. Because today nine in 10 pet owners see their pet as a [...]

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Key touch points where emotions are created include the welcome a guest receives in every part of the hotel

As the world of customer experience has evolved over the last 15 years, we have seen an increasing focus on the importance of creating ‘positive’ experiences for customers. Businesses across all sectors have been realising that it is relatively easy to replicate the physical offering of their competitors, so the battleground has moved to the [...]

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